How It Works - Personal Shopper

Step - 1

Sign Up For Free

Step - 2

Fill the Form with list of items you want us to shop for you. go to personal shopper.

Step - 3

We Prepare Invoice to shop any store(s) and send the invoice. Customer to pay the invoice.

Step - 4

We shop the list for you.

Step - 5

Tailoring Service, If needed

Step - 6

We Consolidate all your shipments and prepare the final shipment and send final invoice.

Step - 7

We send the final shipment to your door step once the invoice is paid.

Why Do You Need It?
  • Most indian websites do not accept international credit cards.
  • Cost of shipment reduces up to 70% when you consolidate your shipping.
  • Your favorite indian products cost 3x more when you buy them abroad.
  • Most indian websites do not ship international.
  • Do not want to seek favors from "family and friends" for all your shopping.